What should I consider when buying a business in Russia?

Russia is a country of opportunities-so they say! This, on the one hand, is true. On the other hand, when buying a business in Russia, you need to take into account many features. Our lawyers will help you with this.

If you want to invest money in Russia or open a business in Russia, we will help you.

Main risks of investing in Russia

– low legal culture and sometimes not working laws,

– corruption

– fraud with money and property.

In fact, such risks are present in almost any country. If you work according to the rules and take precautions, have good lawyers, then these risks can be minimized or avoided.

It is especially important to have business consultants in Russia at the initial stage. When buying a business in Russia, the main thing is to check the property, the seller of the business. Here our lawyers can act as your assistants.

Advantages of acquiring a business in Russia

– good margins,

– low cost,

– fairly low cost of labor,

– not large taxes compared to some European Union countries.

What business should I invest in in Russia

In Russia, there are enough destinations that are still in their infancy or can bring good profits.

For example, you can identify the following areas:

– agriculture

– processing of various products,

– Raba and seafood

– retail trade

– interesting building materials,

– innovative developments in the field of materials,

– medical industry,

– heavy equipment,

– chemical industry,

– wood.

In which region of Russia is it better to buy a business

It all depends on the business itself. The most developed part of Russia is its European part, which extends from Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Krasnodar. This territory includes cities with millions of inhabitants: Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-don, Volgograd, Smolensk, Ryazan, and others.

If your goal is to buy a business related to minerals or timber, then you’d better look to the South or Siberia of Russia.

If you want to buy a business in the field of agriculture or tourism, then look at the Krasnodar territory.

We will select the region for you to buy a business, depending on your needs, and give recommendations on infrastructure and transport accessibility.

Our lawyers are ready to accompany you at every stage of buying a business in Russia.

Property and business at auction (privatisation)

Our lawyers are also ready to offer you not only a private business, but also the purchase of business, property, real estate through the privatization of state property. Every year, businesses, shares, and real estate owned by the state for millions of us dollars are sold in Russia. Some of these facilities may be good business.

we will also offer you a business that is sold as part of bankruptcy proceedings, as well as that is offered by large corporations and monopolies through an auction.

How much money do I need to have to purchase a business

A distinctive feature of buying a business in Russia is its cheapness compared to Europe or the United States. You can buy a working business from several hundred thousand dollars to 2-3 million US dollars. Within these limits, you can buy a business in the field of agriculture, hotel business, or become the owner of modern developments in the field of chemical industry.

What services can our lawyers provide

1.we will provide you with an initial consultation on business acquisition in Russia – select the region, advise on taxation, expenses, hiring employees, and open a company in Russia.

2. we will check the business and the seller of the business, reporting.

3. conduct a personal check of the business.

4.we will Prepare all the necessary documents for the purchase of a business in Russia, and conduct the necessary negotiations.

5. we will support your activities while working in Russia.

If you have any questions about the services or need help in purchasing a business, please contact us a@szaganov.ru. Or write to us via the website. We are not affiliated with any commercial or government structure, do not depend on the Russian authorities, and are ready to provide honest and confidential assistance. Our head – lawyer Sergey Zagainov is ready to visit you anywhere in the world.

We work all over Russia, with offices in Moscow, Krasnodar, and Rostov.