Verification of international agreements

Verification of international agreements is a narrow specific activity. On the one hand, it requires experience and knowledge of international legislation, agreements, conventions and legislation of various countries. On the other hand, an international Treaty may not differ in any way from any other complex Treaty prepared under Russian law. It all depends on the level of complexity of the transaction, the subjective composition and complexity of the subject of the agreement.
There are two groups of international agreements: political and economic agreements. If the main role in the preparation and verification of political international treaties is played by state structures: ministries of foreign Affairs, government and administration. When checking a commercial international agreement, entrepreneurs and companies have to hire third-party lawyers and lawyers from their own countries, or international experts.
Why do I need to check international agreements?
As in the whole world, verification of international agreements is required to avoid legal errors when entering into a contract, not to lose money, goods, or face fraud. To ensure that the provisions of the agreement comply with international law or the law of a particular country, General principles of law and business turnover. Verification of the agreement is carried out to avoid risks in the delivery of goods or services, during calculations, currency and export control.
What is included in the verification of an international agreement
Like any document, an international agreement may be subject to full verification or be limited only to the content part.
Full verification should be performed if the contract is signed for the first time, with an unknown counterparty, and secure payments are not made.
Full verification may include:

  • Partner verification,
  • Check the text of the Treaty,
  • Verification of calculations under the contract,
  • Compliance of the agreement with Russian or international laws and conventions,
  • Advice on export and currency control,
  • Advice on safe and optimal calculations.

    Simple verification is usually limited only to the text of an international Treaty. It is required when the foreign partner is known or it is a well-known large Corporation. Verification is limited to analyzing the wording of the contract and compliance with the law of its provisions.
    If you need the services of an international lawyer to verify the contract, please contact us by email We provide services for verification of international trade agreements with almost any country in the world. We work with all international conventions and agreements. We will provide tax advice. Send drafts of contract texts with a description of the task and we will inform you of the cost of services. Services are usually provided remotely. If you need to conduct negotiations, specify this in the cover letter.