The lawyer on customs affairs in Russia

Customs is one of the types of international relations. Knowledge of customs legislation can bring new products and services to other foreign jurisdictions, expand sales markets, increase the number of customers and turnover in the company.
However, customs relations are not without disputes with the local customs. This is usually the customs office of your country, not a foreign one.
Customs disputes arise due to imperfect legislation, ambivalent interpretation of relations, names of goods, corruption charges to customs inspectors, and many other issues. Sometimes it is beneficial for someone to settle disputes and problems on their own, but since we all want a civilized and honest relationship, in case of a dispute, it is better to contact a customs lawyer or lawyer.

Services of a customs attorney
A customs lawyer can provide services to resolve almost any customs disputes. The role of a customs lawyer does not interfere with the capabilities of a customs broker. At the same time, you do not need to have the status of a lawyer to help with customs disputes. services can also be provided by a customs lawyer.
Services of a customs lawyer or lawyer:
• Consultations with importers, brokers, entrepreneurs and companies on Russian customs legislation, judicial practice and prospects for resolving customs disputes,
• Consultations on customs duties, labeling, classification of goods, adjustments to customs value, and the procedure for moving goods across the Russian border or into the territory of the Russian Federation,
• Appeal against actions and decisions of customs authorities (customs), including bringing to administrative responsibility,
• Representation in court in disputes with customs authorities.

Main regions of customs disputes
Russia is a huge country, as you know. Customs offices and customs authorities are located in almost every region of the country. But the main customs issues and disputes occur only with the most important customs regions: Krasnodar territory (Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Sochi, Tuapse), Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and some others.
The main customs lawyers are located in these regions. We are particularly interested in working in the Krasnodar territory, Moscow and the Moscow region. Accordingly, we can conduct online consultations on any issue and region.
If you need the services of a customs lawyer in court or advice from a customs lawyer, please send your questions and description of the case to Phone number for consultations on services +79184419940 or 88002012523.