Preparation of international agreements

Preparation of international agreements is a rather narrow field and it is not easy to find specialists. We also do not take on all contracts, but only when we understand the subject of the contract and feel that we can help.
If an international agreement is not complicated, then an experienced lawyer or contract lawyer can handle its preparation. However, the preparation of the contract also involves the work of an interpreter, as a rule, since the contract is usually drawn up in two languages.
Who needs to prepare international agreements
The most common entities that require the preparation of international contracts are:

  • companies and entrepreneurs that participate in foreign economic activity. These are usually suppliers and buyers of agricultural products, petroleum products, chemical products, construction materials, and various other goods and services,
    • foreign companies – suppliers of goods to Russia,
  • citizens – for various private transactions.
    • other subjects in the field of intellectual property – authors, inventors, trademark holders.

Main stages of preparation of international treaties
If the text of the agreement is not ready, this process may take from several days to several weeks, depending on the country and complexity of the agreement. The entire period is divided into the following periods:

• familiarity with customers and needs,
• preparation of a draft international Treaty,
• initial agreement of terms with the partner,
• making changes to the agreement,

  • final approval of terms and conditions.

If you are a participant in foreign economic activity, you did not prepare an international agreement, and you also need the help of a lawyer to prepare the agreement, then write us a task for We will provide services with the utmost care, will only pursue your interests, will not let you cheat, and will prevent risks.
We will provide all related advice on the procedure for moving goods, the payment procedure, and the protection of intellectual property rights.
We will also be ready to provide advice on the preparation and discussion of international treaties and agreements between governments of different countries, economic entities with state ownership, and Express our position on changes or amendments to existing international acts and agreements.