Legal Services to Clients

We can provide any legal services in Russia, but we are especially interested in the following areas:

Family law

Divorce Services, division of property in Russia and with the participation of Russian citizens. Consultations on Russian family law.

Finances, taxes, contracts

Consultations on taxes and investing in Russia.
Preparation and verification of international contracts with the participation of Russian companies and private individuals. Export and import contracts.

Litigation in Russia

Any litigation in the courts of Russia with participation of both Russian private individuals and organizations. Arbitration. Enforcement of decisions of foreign courts in Russia.

Partner Verification

Verification of your Russian partner. We’ll tell you the truth about them. We will help you make the right decision. We’ll give you piece of mind and save your money.


Conduct of negotiations on your behalf in Russia, with Russian companies,private individuals and government departments.

Consultations about Russia

We know and love Russia.
We’ll tell you the whole truth about the business climate in Russia, about legislation and features of business in Russia. Foreign trade operations.

Some information about me.

2001-2006 – University and Commerce.

2001-2006 – Public service in Russia.

2011 till present – Lawyer. I protect the rights of citizens and companies.

From Our Blog

Verification of international agreements

Verification of international agreements is a narrow specific activity. On the one hand, it requires experience and knowledge of international legislation, agreements, conventions and legislation of various countries. On the other hand, an international Treaty may not differ in any way from any other complex Treaty prepared under Russian law. It all depends on the level of complexity of the transaction, the subjective composition and complexity of the subject of the agreement. There are two groups of international agreements: political and economic agreements. If the main role in the preparation and verification of political international treaties is played by state...

Do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will tell you about public relations in Russia, law, business.