Our consulting services

Challenge us – from financial consulting to political consulting

Strategic consulting

We analyze the markets for goods and services in a given region, country or locality. We carry out competitor analysis. Present and future dynamics of supply and demand. Various business calculations.

Organizational and economic consulting

Building a management system in the company, the distribution of existing powers. Organization of document flow, financial incentives for responsible employees. Correction of economically unjustified expenses. Anti-crisis restructuring of the management structure.

Political consulting

We specialize in advising political leaders and businessmen in relations with representatives of political institutions and business processes in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, China.

Synthetic and legal consulting

Consulting services for employees and managers in the field of legal risks in various countries, liability, tax specifics. Development of “maps of behavior” in different countries and in different situations.

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The lawyer on customs affairs in Russia

Customs is one of the types of international relations. Knowledge of customs legislation can bring new products and services to other foreign jurisdictions, expand sales markets, increase the number of customers and turnover in the company. However, customs relations are not without disputes with the local customs. This is usually the customs office of your country, not a foreign one. Customs disputes arise due to imperfect legislation, ambivalent interpretation of relations, names of goods, corruption charges to customs inspectors, and many other issues. Sometimes it is beneficial for someone to settle disputes and problems on their own, but since we...

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