Lawyers in Russia – risks and how to choose during the period of sanctions

Lawyers in Russia – risks and how to choose during the period of sanctions

The legal profession in Russia is quite developed and regulated by current laws. At the same time, the General supervision of the lawyer’s activities is carried out by chambers of lawyers in the regions of Russia.

There is also the Federal chamber of lawyers – which is the highest body in the Russian bar system and is located in Moscow.

The majority of lawyers in Russia are private individuals who work as a lawyer’s office (private practice).

Each region of Russia has and may have several bar associations. Although they are members of the bar, they are actually engaged in private practice – they are looking for clients, they are responsible to them, and they set their own fees.

There are also commercial law firms of various types.

Since in Russia there is no ban on representing the client’s interests in court, this can be done by both a lawyer and any person with a legal education.

No one controls the activities of commercial law firms, i.e. there is no body, such as the bar chamber, to which you can complain about a lawyer.

Therefore, if you choose a consultant who is not a lawyer, you risk a little more than if your consultant was a lawyer.

The smallest part of the legal services system is represented by large Russian and international offices of law firms.

As a rule, their service is at a high level, but the prices can be ten times higher than that of a lawyer engaged in private practice. Regardless of the level of complexity of the question.

When choosing a lawyer, it is always better to study the reviews about them and talk about them first. You should be comfortable working with a lawyer.

In Russia, lawyers have almost no narrow specializations, except that some lawyers practice criminal law, while others practice civil or economic law.

Therefore, if you have a large budget to pay the fee and want good service, you can contact major international companies or well-known lawyers in Russia.

However, not all of them work on the entire territory of Russia, but it all depends on the size of the fee.

If you need a private lawyer, it is better to look for him in the region where you need legal assistance. Due to the difference in the value of the currency, the prices may surprise you.

The most expensive lawyers are located in Moscow. At the same time, they can travel to any region of Russia.

There are also scammers.

They are most often found among commercial small law firms. The main type of fraud is that you pay quite high money, but you do not get services. At the same time, you get paid for the service that does not cost so much or the trial is not in your favor in advance.

Therefore, do not be lazy to look for a lawyer with good reviews and pay him a decent amount of money, but he will tell you the whole truth about the prospects of your question in Russia.

For my part, I can promise you that we will be extremely honest with you. We do not work with cases where there are no prospects. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us or call us.