Lawyer for patent disputes in Russia

Patent disputes around the world depend on the development of the judicial and legal system, as well as intolerance, culture and education of the whole society, the country to various intellectual, copyright, and inventions.

The Internet and the level of digital development have played a special role in the emergence of a large number of patents, as well as the violation of patent rights and, as a result, the emergence of patent disputes.

Due to globalization, inventions, utility models, and trademarks have spread rapidly around the world and have become the object of copying and infringement.

The civilized world community has adopted a large package of domestic, international, and interstate regulations aimed at protecting patents.

However, even in the most civilized countries, patent disputes are not uncommon, including between large corporations.

Therefore, there is a whole layer of specialists in patent disputes – patent lawyers.

Russia is not an exception among places with a large number of patent disputes. However, the regulatory framework in Russia is quite well developed. We have special procedures for dealing with patent disputes, and there is a fairly strict liability for patent infringement.

Consideration of patent disputes in Russia

All patent disputes can be resolved in court or pre-trial. We always recommend taking all possible pre-trial measures. Among the pre-trial methods, there are two: simple negotiations and an appeal to the chamber for patent disputes (either to the mediator or to a third party, depending on mutual agreements, the parties to the dispute).

Judicial dispute resolution involves applying to an arbitration court or a specialized judicial body for resolving patent disputes.

Patent dispute cases in Russia

All over the world, patent cases almost always coincide, and some of the most common cases can be identified among them.

  • Cases of direct patent infringement. When one of the parties is a clear infringer of the patent and knows about it, it does not even try to protect itself and hide it.
  • Cases concerning patent rights. More complex cases are when there is a dispute about the rights to a patent, about the timing of the invention or creation of the result of copyright work.
  • Cases where none of the parties has registered a patent (or registered it), but there is a dispute that there are no patent infringements, since the patent does not apply to the area with which it is related.

Services of a lawyer (lawyer) in patent disputes in Russia

Protection of patent disputes is carried out by lawyers or lawyer for patent disputes. If you are a victim of patent infringement or are accused of patent infringement, we recommend that you contact a lawyer immediately. Since entering into a correspondence or communication with the opposite person may harm your interests.

Patent dispute lawyer will help:

  • Advise on the situation,
  • Give advice on behavior,
  • Will make recommendations for the protection of your rights, violation of patent,
  • Hold talks,
  • To represent the interests in court or court in the resolution of patent disputes.

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