Lawsuit against Google

Lawsuit against Google

You have probably heard about lawsuits against various large international companies and corporations, including such well-known ones as Google, Microsoft, Apple and others.

You also heard about the amount of claims that are brought against such companies.

The very fact of submitting positive decisions on various requirements to companies of this level is associated with a high level of legal culture and independence of the court.

In General, most of these disputes are resolved in a pre-trial or voluntary manner already in the course of legal proceedings, of course, if the claims are justified at all and can occur, cause great damage to the company’s reputation, attract public attention to violations of human rights or us Supervisory authorities.

Google is no exception. Most of these lawsuits are filed in the United States for various reasons, which were mentioned above. But this does not mean that such claims can be filed in your country of residence. 

Common lawsuits against Google

In fact, there may be many lawsuits that can be brought against various Internet giants. After all, such claims can be based on the laws of both America and other countries. Among the many claims, the following groups can be distinguished:

  • Claims for violation of personal data related to open access leaks,
  • Claims for violation of personal rights and freedoms – direct violation of rights or hidden discrimination,
  • Lawsuits related to surveillance of users around the world when using Google programs, apps, browsers, and browser extensions,
  • Claims related to patent and copyright infringement,
  • Claims for violation of rights related to unfair competition or violation of antitrust laws,
  • Claims for violation of pre-installed programs and applications on computers and smart phones.

 All claims against Google can be divided into two categories: claims from other companies and claims from citizens of different States.

Each specific case requires a lawyer to study.

We are starting to provide services for preparing claims against Google and maintaining them in the courts of Russia or the United States. If you believe that your rights have been violated by an act or omission of Google in Russia or abroad, if your rights about personal data have been violated, or if you have suffered damage to your reputation, good name, moral or material damage, please contact us by email We will consider going to court in Russia, the United States, or Europe.

One of the most effective ways to protect your rights from the actions of large companies like Google is to file class action lawsuits. We collect various requests from people for registration and filing of class actions. Write to us if your rights have been violated.